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This work is based on and around the ubiquitous patches of ground that border suburbia. Although designated for public use, but not utilised as official parks or gardens, these largely anonymous ‘edgelands’ are often the closest to nature many of us encounter on a daily basis. These are the places where many of us might have hung around on, or even played in, in an era before our lives became increasingly virtual. Sometimes however, the silence gives way to anxiety. In fading light, sanctioned paths seem to exist purely to hurry us through these spaces, especially when they are illuminated by low-grade streetlights that do little more than emphasise the peripheral darkness. This work seeks to explore such tensions that exist in these hinterlands, as well as their peculiar and understated beauty.

Technical info: Shot on medium format 120mm film prior to scanning and editing

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Keywords:art, edgeland, edgelands, landscape, paths, photography