Zenfolio | Mike Veitch | Oxjam Opening 26th July 2014
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Some photo coverage of Oxjam’s launch party at Cluny2 from Saturday 26th July. On stage were four superb local acts:-

Euan Lynn - A one man Garage rock orchestra with some help from a game boy.
Fractions - Dark and brooding synth-pop.
Coquin Migale - A talented and extremely energetic four piece.
Bernaccia – Blues Rock with more than a touch of the psychedelic.

All four were fantastic and I just wish I could have stayed for the end of Bernaccia's set as the crowd and atmosphere were really wild by that point.

Oxjam comes properly to Sunderland and Newcastle on the 4th & 5th October. Hope to see you there.
Euan LynnEuan LynnEuan LynnEuan LynnFractionsFractionsFractionsFractionsFractionsCoquin MigaleCoquin MigaleCoquin MigaleCoquin MigaleCoquin MigaleCoquin MigaleCoquin MigaleBernacciaBernaccia

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